Every Leachman sire sells with Genomically Enhanced EPD’s from Zoetis!

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What does that mean to you as a bull buyer?
1. More accurate EPD’s — our genomically enhanced EPDs are backed by our 1.3 MM database and the research team at Zoetis. In rough terms, they are nearly TWICE as accurate as the previous EPD’s that we printed.
2. Parentage on every bull selling has been verified. This ensures that you are
getting the pedigree shown in the catalog.
3. If you test your future heifer calves with Zoetis, they can tell you which bulls sired which calves!
4. You can now get $Profit & EPD’s, through Zoetis and Leachman, on your commercial heifers. Call Zoetis to order test kits. Pull samples at branding.
• What you get: All of the EPD’s and indexes shown in the Leachman catalog!


1. $33 per heifer calf.
2. $95 per herd bull (Check with Leachman, many of your herd bulls from us might have already been tested).

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