Trying to build a better cow herd? We can help!

Every year you pick replacements. Some turn out good - others disappoint. Now there's a better way - use the Zoetis Inherit Select DNA Test AND Leachman Indexes. We help you take the guesswork out of building a better herd and help you improve faster than ever!

Zoetis has recently partnered with Leachman Cattle to provide a unique genomically enhanced genetic evaluation.

Genomically enhanced evaluations – when genomic data is combined with pedigree and phenotypic records for a designated population of animals – allow for more accurate and reliable genetic selection tools. Leachman offers a multi-breed database that houses over 1 million animal records, and Zoetis brings the latest genomic technology into play to provide high profitability for customers.

“We are contracting with Zoetis to help make our EPDs even more reliable. Our experience has shown that Zoetis is the most dependable in the industry,”
- Lee Leachman

How You Can Use the Zoetis Inherit Select DNA Test:


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