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Experience - Tradition - Vision - Commitment - Passion - Leadership

These are hallmarks of the Leachman family for generations, and the principles that guide our cattle operation. These principles have guided us for more than 75 years of genetic improvement and innovation in the cattle industry. Join us as you learn more about our elite lineup of bulls, females, and semen designed to add up to one thing: Profit for our customers.

How is Leachman different? 
We focus on cows that work, and steers that pay. The Leachman program offers the most comprehensive crossbred DNA enhanced EPDs in the industry, powered by Zoetis. Our cattle are backed by real life profit driven indexes, including feed efficiency, that enhance BOTH sides of the ledger.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!

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Future of Agriculture Podcast: FoA 377:
Leveraging Data to Advance in Cattle Genetics With Lee Leachman

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Not just semen….Not just bulls...a complete SYSTEM.

Leachman Cattle and $Profit™ Share are guided by Lee Leachman who not only carries forward the traditions of past generations but is always on the leading edge of innovation by developing and applying the latest tools and technologies.

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Specialized Lines: Maternal and Terminal

Leachman Cattle raises three lines of maternal cattle: Angus, Red Angus, and STABILIZER™ Composites.

Each of these lines is selected for moderate cow size, low birth, rapid early growth, moderate mature size, high marbling, and heavy muscling. Through the disciplined use of EPDs, our maternal lines combine these traits to maximize profit for the cow/calf producer. LCoC calculates a single EPD, $Profit™, that predicts the profitability of its maternal lines.

We also raise a terminal line here at Leachman: Charolais. The terminal line is selected for acceptable calving ease, high growth, and carcass merit. Leachman terminal sires provide industry leading weaning, yearling, and carcass weights combined with breed leading marbling and ribeye area.

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Quality in Volume: Bulls and Females for Sale Year Round

Each year, LC markets over 2,000 bulls and 1,000 females. Bulls are produced through a network of cooperator producers and via embryo transplant. Our Leachman cooperator network consists of twelve herds comprised of over 5,000 breeding females. Leachman provides cooperators with breeding, selection, and marketing services. The cooperators own the cows and the land and provide the management to raise the bulls. Most LC cooperators have been in the Leachman breeding program for over a decade. Over 75% of LC cooperator calf crops are AI sired. Only the top 50% of cooperator male calves are sent to LC to be performance tested and sold as bulls.

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"I only wish we had started with Leachman $Profit™ sires a long time ago…"

George Stahl, Beef Manager Spring Valley Colony Wessington Springs, SD


"We are very happy with the direction of the proven index that Lee Leachman has built."

Chase Hibbard and Cooper Sieben Sieben Live Stock Company


The progress we're making is mind bogglin...

Kevin Unger, Resource Mgr., Lincoln County Feed Yard, Stapleton, NE

Increase Your Profit - Make Leachman Bloodlines Part of Your Operation

Ready to add Leachman genetics to your herd? We market bulls through our network of several sales nationwide combined with private treaty bulls year round. For a nominal charge, bulls are delivered to major stockyards across the country any time of the year.

LC bulls are all backed by our reputation and sell quality guaranteed. Many bulls are bought Sight-UnSeen and carry a complete satisfaction, money-back guarantee once delivered. LC offers a BREEDING SEASON GUARANTEE on every bull we sell. If the bull becomes unable to breed cows for any reason, then the buyer will receive a credit towards the purchase of a future bull.

Want More Information? 

A member of our Leachman team will be happy to contact you through phone or email if you'd like more information! Please fill out our catalog request page to get started. 

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