Leachman Angus Sires History

Since the 40s, the Leachman family has owned and bred pivotal Angus herd sires.
Saugahatchee 3000C
Bon View New Design 1407
Bon View New Design 878
LCC New Standard
GAR-EGL Protege
The Ankony Angus herd helped shape the Angus breed for over 20 years! These are just a few of the pivotal Angus sires that have been part of the Leachman Program.
  • Ankonian Jingo
  • Ankonian Peerless
  • Ankonian Paragon
  • Ankonian President
  • Ankonian Projector
  • Bon View New Design 1407
  • Bon View New Design 878
  • Canadian Colossal
  • Eileenmere 1032
  • Homeplace Eileenmere 999 35
  • GAR-EGL Protege
  • LCC New Standard
  • Leachman Resolution
  • Leachman Paridigm
  • O Bardoliermere 2
  • TCA Visionary
  • Saugahatchee 3000C

Today's Leachman Program Features Sons of These Great Angus Sires


T C A Visionary 158
Registration Number: 16972676
The #1 Angus bull for feed efficiency!
The ONLY high accuracy, negative intake, high growth Angus sire.


Leachman Foundation G081D
Registration Number: 18695428
The #1 Angus bull for $Profit™
The highest $Profit™ sire at $28,873 that is proven to be feed efficient.


G A R High Security JSF 4005
Registration Number: 17932116
The best footed, high profit Angus bull! Combines a top 5% for Hoof Claw, 3% for Marbling, 1% for $Maternal.


"We have purchased and raised many great Angus bulls over the years. No, not all of them turn out the way we hope, in fact very few of them become breed leaders. I can truly say with full confidence that these sires do belong on our leader board."
- Lee Leachman

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