What Stabilizer Bulls do to Holstein Cows

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Born in the same herd. Born during the same month.

Raised in the same calf ranch and fed at the same feedlot.


  • Reduction of frame and addition of thickness and muscle shape!
  • Feed efficiency improved from 7:1 down to 6:1 – as measured in individual feed intake bunks.
  • Create calves that can be sold on beef grids at a premium!
  • Average Daily Gain of over 3.5 on feed up to live weights over 1,500 pounds.


What do you get at the dairy?

  • Shorter gestation length to get cows back into milk.
  • Easy calving to ensure no problems with dystocia.
  • Vigorous, high survival calves.
  • The sale-ability of the Leachman name when you sell your calves.
  • Proven high conception rates.


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