What Stabilizer Bulls do to Holstein Cows

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Born in the same herd. Born during the same month.

Raised in the same calf ranch and fed at the same feedlot.


  • Reduction of frame and addition of thickness and muscle shape!
  • Feed efficiency improved from 7:1 down to 6:1 – as measured in individual feed intake bunks.
  • Create calves that can be sold on beef grids at a premium!
  • Average Daily Gain of over 3.5 on feed up to live weights over 1,500 pounds.


What do you get at the dairy?

  • Shorter gestation length to get cows back into milk.
  • Easy calving to ensure no problems with dystocia.
  • Vigorous, high survival calves.
  • The sale-ability of the Leachman name when you sell your calves.
  • Proven high conception rates.


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  1. Hi,

    As a beef nutritionist and a beef farmer, I’ve followed your progress over the years and actually visited your fantastic farm last May, with Alltech. Also I’ve fed some stabiliser bulls in my own feedlot, and was very impressed by their performance. Unfortunately, I can never get my hands on enough of them.

    In Ireland we have a dairy herd of 1.6m cows, mostly compact spring calving (90% calved betrween February 1 and April 30). One of the disadvantages of this system is the pressure on labour and facilities which have a negative impact on calf welfare. The result is dairy farmers are selecting sires on gestation length and calf birthweight, with no regard for the beef traits of the progeny. This short sightedness by the dairy farmers will eventually blow up in their faces, as there is an increase in the number of bobby calves being destroyed year on year. Apart from the obvious loss in revenue to the dairy farmer from engaging in this policy, their is going to be a serious backlash from the consumer.

    I think there is a tremendous opportunity for you to introduce your sires to the Irish dairy market and bring some value to the dairy and beef farmer. Through my contacts across the total beef chain, I believe we could set up a pilot scheme whereby we could persuade dairy farmers to use your most appropriate sires, and possibly introduce a bonus scheme (paid for by the beef processors) to the beef farmers who rear and finish the stabiliser x progeny.

    As the breeding season is fast approaching (starts end of April), this would need urgent attention, if your interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Ciaran Conway

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