Real World Results

Leachman Cattle of Colorado General, Testimonial

In an 1,800 head feed test of Full Circle Jersey cross calves, the Leachman sired feeders returned the most profit. More than Limousin AND Angus! The Stabilizer advantage starts at conception and builds through harvest: shorter gestation, less dystocia, more live calves, heavier carcass weight,

MUCH better feed conversion, and MUCH higher red meat yield!

“We have raised and fed out thousands of Jersey beef cross calves, and there are big differences in the quality of beef sires! “

There is a ‘real world difference in conception’ when beef semen is used on dairy cows. In addition, the crossbreds by Leachman sires have all the advantages of heterosis, hybrid vigor and survivability. The progeny out of Leachman sires excel on carcass weight, quality, and yield.”

~ Sieto Mellema
Full Circle Jerseys, Dalhart, Texas


The Mellema Test Results Gave us the Leachman, Dairy Cross Vision…

Interestingly, we were not trying to prove profit in a dairy cross calf at the time of this test, so the Stabilizer sires that were used were chosen at random. Based on this data, we used our index to pursue lines of cattle within the gene pool that best compliment Dairy cattle. We are currently offering semen on these sires in four groups sorted by their index rank. Those levels are: Level 4 – Top 5%, Level 3 – Top 10%, Level 2 – Top 15% and Level 1 – Top 25%. All the sires in the Mellema test were Level 2 or lower. Just imagine how much of an advantage sires that are selected and designed by the Leachman Indexes will have!